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About CCS

CardCaptor Studio was created the first time around in October 2000. At that point in time, it was hosted at Geocities as I have just begun web designing. It was a relatively small site; offering character profiles, information about the anime, a small image gallery and a quiz. The site was open for viewing even though it was under construction. If I remember correctly, I spent close to half a year completing the site with fanworks, MP3s and midi files, and a small graphic section.

A couple days after the site was 100% completed, it was hacked and deleted by a girl who will remain anonymous. She held a grudge against me because I gave her site a cruel but honest and blunt review. She also hacked my WPR a few times. However, I had most of my files backed up so rebuilding the site was not a problem. When the site came back online two days later, the same girl hacked CardCaptor Studio once again. This time, she changed the password and account information so I could no longer access my account. Geocities could not help much since I couldn't remember my fake registered information so I gave up CCS.

In the summer of 2002, I was extremely bored with my summer holidays and decided to remake CCS. I had all the files saved on my old computer hard drive. I began with designing a new layout and rewriting all of the content. It was officially re-opened on August 1st, 2002. Again, it was hosted at Geocities as that was the only free hosting server that I was familiar with. I did not encounter anymore hackers much to my relief.

It took me quite some time to set CCS back on the ground again. But once it did, the site grew at a steady rate and still growing as of today. We celebrated our 5,000th visitor on May 28, 2003. Less than five months later on October 3rd, CCS hit the 10,000th visitor mark. And the number keeps going up!

Many people offered to host CCS but I declined all of them for several reasons. 1) It would be a hassle to transfer 30MB of files from one account to another. 2) There was also the possibility that my host or hostess could close down and then I would have to complications of finding a new host. 3) I had always wanted to have a domain of my own (mainly for CCS) but I was iffy about when or if I had the time to maintain one. I had an answer fairly quickly. On December 10th, 2003, I purchased my very first domain and CCS found a new home.

Shortly afterwards, my domain kept going offline for a few days in a row, mainly at the end of each month. The amount of people downloading from CCS exceeded my monthly bandwidth allowance and caused the system to temporarily shut down until the new billing month. I had a few sponsors that were willing to host some of my larger files. Even with that, the site continued to fluctuate on and off.

During this time, I met an online friend by the name of Raven, who is a fan of CardCaptor Studio. He offered to purchase a large hosting package from Dreamhost and donated much of its space to host CCS. In April 2005, I moved CCS again from my domain to the current home. With the huge space, I now offer an extremely large selection of anime downloads, manga downloads, music files, music videos and video clips. The current disk usage is well over 4GB.

CardCaptor Studio continues to grow daily at an alarming rate all thanks to the support of fans and friends alike. This is a non-profit fansite created by a fan for other fans to spread the knowledge and wonders of Cardcaptor Sakura. CCS would not be alive today if it were not for the constant and dedicated fan support. Thanks to all of you, the history of CardCaptor Studio continues.