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Affiliates and Sisters

This page is dedicated to my affiliates and sister sites. If you are interested in becoming CCS' affiliate or sister site, please see the affiliation section for information.

Sister Sites

The biggest CCS directory online. You could find anything from information to profiles to artbook information to mp3s! Owned by Cutie-chan (formerly co-owned with Tsubamekun), the site is absolutely wonderful! - Currently unavailable

A general anime and manga fansite created by the talented Lils. It covers character profiles, series information, episode summaries, media files, and manga volumes of more than 29 series and counting. - Currently unavailable

A Cardcaptors and Tsubasa Chronicle combined fansite. Sugee offers his visitors plenty of information on both series, episode and movie summaries, along with an interactive section. The site has recently been remodelled so it looks super cute. - Currently unavailable


This is a small but cute shrine dedicated to Syaoran. Though Little Wolf no longer updates the site, it is still open to the public with a few multimedia interatives, and CCS&S is definitely a Syaoran classic.

Saffie's long-lasting webpage that has been around forever. The site has everything you need from profiles to fun interactive activities. To top it off, Saffie updates the site on a regular basis so you always expect something new. The site is most famous for its image galleries.

One of the older Cardcaptor Sakura fansites. Aynechan constantly updates the site with new content, media files and hosts contests regularly. Tomoeda also has a small but growing Tsubasa Chronicle section.

A beautiful Daidouji Tomoyo fansite created by Kibou. The site has recently undergone a title change and a revamp, and is still currently under construction. The site has everything you need to know about Tomoyo, and more.

A huge Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle fansite by Brad, that contains strictly episode summaries and manga reviews based on the popular Tsubasa Chronicle series. Loop also offers a shopping guide list.

Purachina is back! Purachina, a general CCS fansite created by Monica, focusses on information (both the anime and manga series), and multimedia interactive (ranging from image galleries to music downloads to fanfictions).