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Mini Quiz

This is a fairly easy quiz testing you on the basic knowledge of Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Sakura. In order to pass and win the quiz award, you need to answer 8 questions out of the 10 correct. Please do not try to reload/refresh the browser window as your answers will reset itself. JavaScript is required.

  1. Who released the Clow Cards, and as a consequence, became the rightful Cardcaptor?

    Syaoran Li
    Daidouji Tomoyo
    Kinomoto Sakura
    Meilin Li
  2. The animal that emerged from the Clow Book as the Cardcaptor's guardian is _______.

    Clow Reed
  3. Who is Sakura's rival and a descendant of Clow Reed?

    Syaoran Li
    Tsukishiro Yukito
    Meiling Li
  4. Why does Tomoyo take on the duty as Sakura's film producer and fashion designer?

    It is her job! Tomoyo applied for it at the beginning.
    They are best friends, and Tomoyo thinks the captures are cool to watch.
    Tomoyo wants to be a producer one day, and this will give her practice.
    Sakura asked Tomoyo so they could have something to remember by.
  5. Why is Meilin not very fond of Sakura?

    They had a big fight at the beginning and it has not been resolved yet.
    Syaoran told Meilin to avoid Sakura because she is dangerous.
    Sakura made fun of Meilin at the beginning and Meilin's still mad.
    Syaoran pays too much attention to Sakura and Meilin's jealous.
  6. Which Clow Card is the most powerful and the last one to be captured?

  7. How did Sakura overcome Yue when she failed the first round in the Final Judgement?

    Sakura called upon the powers of the other Clow Cards for strength.
    Clow Reed appeared and allowed Sakura to pass the Final Judgement.
    Memories of Sakura's family and friends gave her strength.
    Yue gave Sakura one more chance because of her strong will to win.
  8. Tomoyo's mother is the head president of what company?

    Designer Clothes
    Digital Software
  9. How old was Sakura when her mother died?

    At the time of Sakura's birth.
  10. How does Sakura envision beating/overcoming Touya?

    Sakura wants to be smarter than him.
    Sakura wants to be bigger than him.
    Sakura wishes to be faster than him on her skates.
    Sakura wishes that one day she will have more money than he does.