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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CardCaptor Studio been opened?

The first CCS was created in October 2000 as a fairly small fansite hosted at Geocities. It was hacked and deleted within a year, but was reopened again in August 2002. You do the math to calculate how old CardCaptor Studio really is.

Why do you like CC/CCS so much?

I do not love the series, but I do enjoy both the anime and manga to a certain degree, enough to create a fansite based on Cardcaptor Sakura; though I enjoy the manga more. What attracts me are the central theme of magic and the style of character development. But most of all, I enjoy the artwork and the plot of a young and clueless heroine saving the day.

Who is your favorite character?

I really like Meiling's character. Her personality reminds me of myself. I can be overwhelming and my temper is quite well-known. I tend to talk - maybe too much at times - without thinking, and sometimes that gets me in trouble. And I really like the name Meiling; it sounds very Chinese.

Do you like the anime or the manga more?

Personally through many series encounter, I will answer the manga. Often when a manga is adapted into an anime, the original story gets modified, and through English translation, become so distorted that much of the original is lost. In CC, relationships between characters are eliminated among many things. There is more to the series than card capturing. I am also a fan of S+S.

Do you know where I can have my CCS site hosted?

There are many types of domains that are looking for hostees and willing to host for free. You could try searching with search engines or through or have a try at my personal domain, Frozen-Wings. I am willing to park domains.

Do you make and code all your layouts?

Yes I do. One of the things I enjoy most about web designing is the layout design process. I love designing and getting the chance to make my own layout adhering to my unique designing style. This is my site therefore I want it to feature my design, and only my own. I also code all my HTML. It takes quite a long time since I create my layout first then puzzle over the HTML afterwards, but I like the challenge.

Why do you use the character's Japanese name throughout the site?

I use the Japanese names of the characters for two reasons. 1) I am more familiar with the Japanese version of the anime series. Although I have seen most of the English version, I do not pay much attention. 2) Personal preference. I like the Japanese version and the Japanese names more so than the English.

Are you accepting any sister sites or affiliates?

I am still accepting affiliates. The only problem is that my requirements are very strict. If you are interested, read over the affiliation rules and follow the instructions on how to apply. The only reason why I would accept a sibling site is if the owner is a good friend of mine.

Where can I buy the anime or manga books?

This is a hard question to answer. Our locations may differ significantly as I live in North America and you could live as far as Australia or Russia. So I would check your telephone directory for any anime stores nearest you or you can purchase them online from various anime stores that can be found through search engines.

When do I catch the anime on television?

This is also another question that I don't have the answer to. You would have to check with your local television cable/satellite network for air time. For Canadian viewers, try Teletoon Network. For United States viewers, try Kid's WB.

I haven't seen episode __, can you please send it to me?

CCS now has the privilege to host full anime episodes. They are fansubbed and can be found on the anime download page. Or you can download it online from anime fansub groups. If you are true fan, please support the series by purchasing the legitimate DVD box set.

Can I apply to be a staff member at CCS?

Previously, CCS was a one-woman project. However, since the expansion, I have dedicated to open several staffing positions to help me run the site. If you are interested, please visit the staffing page for more information.

Are there other ways I can help out without becoming a staff?

Of course! Aside from submitting fanworks to the site, there are three other ways that are listed on the sponsor page. Please see the appropriate section for details.

What if I don't the answer to my question?

This FAQ page by no means covers all the questions that you may have. If I don't have your answers here, you are more than welcomed to email me with your questions and I will try my best to answer them. Or you may also contact me via the contact page available on-site.