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The title of the animated show that was originally created in Japan (and known as Cardcaptor Sakura) that was Americanized. It was dubbed and edited to air on American television by Nelvana in 2000. It is also available on VHS and DVD.

CardCaptor Sakura
The title of the manga, and then animated television show created by CLAMP and aired on Japanese television in 1998. The manga is available in the original Japanese, a bilingual version (English in the word balloons with the Japanese text at the top and bottom of the page without furigana), an English version, a French version and a Chinese (bilingual) version.

A group of women artists who have created (among others) the manga and anime titles of Tokyo Babylon, Clover, Wish, Magic Knights Rayearth, CLAMP Campus Detectives, and CardCaptor Sakura.

Incantations are short chants that Sakura, Syaoran and Eriol say before summoning their power, unleashing their power to manipulate a Clow Card or Sakura Card, or capturing a card. Incantations can only be used by people with magical abilities that can be unleashed.

Kero-chan ni Omakase
This is the title of a small five-minute segment after each episode of Cardcaptor Sakura in the first season where Kero examines and explains Sakura's battle outfits and accessories used in the said episode. The English translation of the title is "Leave it to Kero-chan!".

Kero's Corner
This is the title of a small five-minute segment after each episode of Cardcaptors in the first season where Kero examines and explains each card capture and the powers of the Card. It served as a filler as not every card capture was aired.

In Cardcaptors, the name of the town where Sakura resides is known as Reedington. The town is named after Clow Reed as Clow is the local figure, of which is unknown.

The Nothing
The Nothing, or also known as the The Hope, is the 53rd card introduced in the second movie. It is also referred to as The Void. This card is more powerful than all 52 Cards combined, and draws its strength from the feeling of loneliness while being sealed away by Clow.

Tokyo Tower
This tower appears most often in Sakura's dreams. Tokyo Tower is one of the world's highest self-supporting steel towers and the tallest man-made structure Japan. In Cardcaptors, this is referred to as the Radio Tower.

Tomoeda is a fictional place that was created solely for Cardcaptor Sakura. The actual size of the town is unknown.

Tomoyo's Video Diary
The Tomoyo's Video Diaries are bonus (special) episodes. The are three video diaries and each diary has an unqiue story of its own. The stories are supposedly told (captured) from Tomoyo's video camera's perspective, hence the title.