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Item Guide

Clow/Sakura Book

The Clow Book is created by Clow Reed containing a full deck of 52 magical cards called Clow Cards. It was sealed at his death and could only be unlocked by someone with strong magical powers. The front of the book carries an image of Cerberus and the sun, and on the back is Yue and the moon. After the book becomes the Sakura Book, Clow's magic circle transforms into Sakura's magic circle, which is a star, and the front cover now reads "Sakura" rather than "Clow".

Clow Key

This Clow key was given to Sakura from Cerberus when she broke the seal to the Clow book. Its purpose is to aid Sakura in her card captures. In this form as a key, it is pretty useless, nothing more than a toy. It just hangs on a string of which Sakura wears around her neck for convenience sake. It actually transforms into a sealing wand when Sakura recites the correct incantation giving her enormous powers to handle the Clow Cards.

Clow Wand

The Clow wand is the transformed version of the Clow key, and sometimes called the sealing wand. Like mentioned above, a specific incantation is required for the transformation. Sakura primarily uses the wand to capture and seal Clow Cards. Sakura also uses the wand to burrow the powers of the Clow Cards in some of the captures, of which Fly and Sword transforms their powers onto the Clow wand.

Star Wand

The Star wand is essentially the Clow wand. When Sakura began to transform all the Clow Cards into Sakura/Star Cards, she required her own magic powers to complete the transformation. In order to do that, the Clow wand transformed into the Star wand, which now relies on Sakura's magic rather than magic left behind by Clow. The Star wand also needs to be released by a special incantation very similar to that for the Clow wand.

Transformed Star Staff

This wand is created through the combination of Sakura, Cerberus and Yue's powers. Actually, Cerberus and Yue transformed themselves into the wand to defeat Eriol's spell of darkness. The sudden boost in Sakura's magical powers gives her the ability to transform the last two most powerful cards, The Light and The Dark, to Sakura/Star Cards.

Lasin Board

The Lasin Board is more or less a Clow Card locator. It searches for magic powers, tracks the power, and leads Syaoran to the exact location of the magical power. The board's locating powers are not limited to Clow Cards, it can also be used in the search for a person. However, the board can only be activated by someone with magical powers.

Syaoran's Sword

Syaoran's sword holds lots of magical powers. Normally, the sword is in a diguise form, as a tiny ball, and can only be transformed by a special incantation. The sword is used to summon ofudas and the Clow Cards Syaoran has captured. The sword can burrow elements of lightning, fire, wind, and water at Syaoran's command. Syaoran's magical powers resides in the sword, so without the sword, he is unable to use the Clow Cards. The sword also used for martial arts purposes.


Ofuda is a yellow piece of paper with special Chinese characters and symbols written in red. Normal ofuda is considered good luck charms, but the ofuda Syaoran use carry magical powers. Syaoran uses them to summon the elements of wind, fire, water, and lightening. They are mainly used for offensive attacks.

Eriol's Staff

There is no name for this staff and is more commonly known as Eriol's staff. The full extent of power that this staff possesses is unknown, except for the fact that it carries Clow's magic. Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun's ability to transform into their true forms also reside in the staff. Eriol uses the power of the staff to create unusual events so Sakura could have a reason for transforming the Clow Cards into Sakura/Star Cards. When not in use, the staff is disguised in a small key-like object similar to Sakura's Clow key.

Moon Bell

This bell was given to Mizuki Kaho by Eriol. Clow had purposely left the bell behind in Eriol's care in case the next chosen cardcaptor required a second chance in the Final Judgment. The bell's powers is quite enormous. It has the ability to break through Maze and free Sakura from Wood during the Final Judgment. However, once the bell serves its purpose, it disappears.