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Series Synopsis

Cardcaptor Sakura is a series about the adventures of a girl by the name of Sakura. Sakura is like any other ordinary school girl until she discovers her hidden magical abilities and suddenly given the responsibility to save the world.

Kinomoto Sakura is an average ten year old student at Tomoeda Elementary. When she returns home from school one day, she hears some strange noises coming from the basement while preparing a snack in the kitchen. Feeling curious and a little afraid, she ventures down to the basement in search of the noise. After some time searching around, Sakura finds nothing different, but she senses something amiss. This is when she notices a book glowing in her father's library. It is the Clow Book.

Being curious as ever, Sakura opens the book without much effort and breaks the seal on the book. Inside, the book, contains a stack of "Clow Cards". Sakura tries to read the inscription on the first card by reading the name Windy aloud. This accidentally triggers an attack. A rush of wind scatters the Clow Cards from the book around Tokyo, cards with their own special magical abilities for a purpose if, not sealed, are capable of causing destructable havoc.

Sakura reopens her eyes and comes face to face with a little creature named Cerberus, or as Sakura calls him Kero for short, who emerges from the book. He is ever so thrilled to be outside again until he immediately discovers the Clow Book to be empty and grows furious with rage. Kero is the guardian beast of the seal. While taking a (30 year) nap, he accidentally let the Clow Cards loose when Sakura broke the seal.

Since Sakura is the one who had the power to unlock the book and scatter the cards, Kero appoints Sakura as the Cardcaptor, meaning her job is to capture the cards before things start to get out of hand nevertheless being a normal ten year old girl and keeping it a secret from everyone including her family and best friend.

Sakura must capture all 52 cards and stop the disaster from being brought onto the world or else the worst will happen to not just Tomoeda, where Sakura's friends and family lie, but the whole world, that in a way, could be worse to Sakura than the world going "boom!"