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Song Lyrics

These lyrics are offered in the language of their originality. The majority are in Japanese with a few in English, from Cardcaptors. For redistribution purposes please refer to the terms of use for clarifications.

Japanese Title English Title Description
Blue as the Sky
Blue as the Sky Second movie
Catch You Catch Me Catch You Catch Me First season opening
Fruits Candy Fruits Candy Third season ending
Groovy Groovy First season ending
Honey Honey Second season ending
No Nagging No Nagging English ending
Prism Prism Sakura's song
Purachina Platinum Third season opening
Shiawase no Mahou Magic of Happiness Sakura's song
Tobira wo Akete Open the Door Second season opening
Tooi Kono Machi de In This Distant Town First movie theme
Yoru no Uta Song of Night Tomoyo's song