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Banner Rotation

CardCaptor Studio's banner rotation is relatively small at the moment, but I have plans for expansion. If you would be interested in having your site advertised on CardCaptor Studio, please read over the rules outlined below carefully before emailing me. I am picky when it comes to accepting applications as I would prefer sites that are well-made and well-maintained. Note: Friends may be given preferences.

  1. You must have a working, valid email address that belongs to you.
  2. The website must be your own. I will not accept applications on someone else's behalf.
  3. The site cannot be hosted on an email provider or your ISP. (i.e.),,, etc.
  4. Your site must be creative and original. The banner rotation is strictly limited to well-established and well-maintained semi-professional sites.
  5. Your site cannot contain pornography (hentai) of any kind and/or be connected to alcohol, drugs, or gambling.
  6. You must provide your own banner and the dimensions must be 370x60 pixels. Make sure the banner is in either JPG/JPEG or GIF format. The banner must have the site title clearly written on it. Please attach this in the email.
  7. You must provide a link back to CardCaptor Studio. It can be a button, banner or text link. I'd appreciate it if the link appears on every page of your site since your site's banner will be randomly rotated on every page at this website. However, a link back from a Credit page is also acceptable.

Banner Size

How to Apply

Please send the following information to If you do not receive a confirmation email within two weeks, most likely your application was declined. I have the right to decline any submissions due to rule breakage or whatever personal reasons.

  • Your name
  • Site title and URL
  • A brief sentence about the site
  • Attached 370x60 banner