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Sponsor CCS

CardCaptor Studio is a non-profit fansite created by a fan for Cardcaptor Sakura fans. Donations are welcomed by fans to help keep the site running. If you would be interested in donating to CardCaptor Studio to help support the site, you can do so by choosing one of the following three options:

  1. PayPal

    To send donations via PayPal account, credit card, debit card or e-check, please use [THIS LINK].

    A PayPal account is not required to make donations. PayPal operates in a secure, free, easy way; accepting payments in 16 different currencies.
  2. Mail-In

    Donations are also accepted in the form of cash (Canadian and American currency only), money orders and personal cheques. If you prefer to use this method, please email me for the mailing address.

    Please fold donations in several pieces of paper so as not to be transparent when held up to the light. The mailing envelope should be of regular business lettermail size measuring approximately 9x4.
  3. Other

    CardCaptor Studio is currently in need of a domain registration, with or without hosting services.

    If you are interested in sponsoring CardCaptor Studio with a domain name registration (ie., please contact us via email.