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CCS is Alive!

Yes, CCS is back! No, you are not imagining things. In November, CCS was having some server issues with the host provider. As a matter of fact, Dreamhost realized that the topsites script was causing huge amounts of problems for their server, and decided to disable CCS until I corrected the problem. Dreamhost was quite vague in their description, so I assumed that the problem laid with the rotating topsites buttons since the email kept referring to the folder where the buttons were located. I changed the script options to disable the top 5 buttons and directed all links to the default image file.

Apparently, that wasn't what Dreamhost was trying to imply. CCS was disabled indefinitely because I failed to follow instructions (to remove the topsites script altogether). I removed the script some time in early December but due to some miscommunication, CCS remained disabled up until a few days ago. I was able to contact a really nice support staff about my situation last week, but it was another really rude and nasty support staff who re-enabled CCS. The guy was so rude in his reply about my fault for not following instructions and blah blah blah. If only I could just .....uurrgghh!!!

But all is well now, because CCS is alive again!

I have been working on a few things over the past two months that CCS was done. I am currently at work right now, so I'll need to get home to get those uploaded. Be sure to check back at the end of the week for new episode downloads, new calendars, new fanfics, and a new wallpaper!!

For those who are members of CCS Topsites, no need to worry; it will be back in a few weeks. CCS Gallery is undergoing a makeover. I am crossing my fingers for the end of February. I am also working on translating a couple of CCS doujinshi. If anyone is interested in helping me translate (knowledge of kanji is a requirement, because I can't read it!), please email me or leave a comment!

I missed you all!

Posted by Misty on Monday, January 26 2009 @ 12:42 PM
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